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CEcil County High SChool PSA's

In the fall, youth from all 6 Cecil County High School's participated in a Youth Leadership Summit. In three short days, they created both video and billboard PSA's. Their PSA's are currently running on Comcast and their billboards are prominently displayed throughout Cecil County. 

2022-2023 Billboards:

Copy of PVHS Billboard Spanish.png
NEHS billboard 1 spanish (1).png
NEHS billboard 1 spanish.png
Bo manor MS Billboard.png
Elkton High School Billboard.png
RSHS billboard.png
Bo Billboard.png

2021-2022 Billboards:

Bo Middle  (11 x 8.5 in).png
PVHS Billboard (3).png
Final Rising Sun Middle .png
Rising Sun Billboard (1).png
NEHS Billboard (2).png
Elkton Billboard (1).png
Bo Manor Billboard (1).png

2020 Billboards:

Perryville High School Billboard.JPG

Perryville High School

Rising Sun High School Billboard.JPG

Rising Sun High School

Bohemia Billboard (1).png

Bohemia Manor High School

CCST Billboard.JPG

Cecil County School of Technology

North East High School Billboard.JPG

North East High School

Elkton High School Billboard.JPG

Elkton High School

The PSA's from 2019:

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